Private Instruction

Private Yoga sessions are an investment in your personal yogic journey. This personal attention provides each student the opportunity to nurture their body, mind and spirit in the areas they choose to explore. Traditionally, yoga was taught in this teacher to student manner, and whether you are a beginner or experienced yoga practitioner, private yoga is an excellent way to deepen your practice.

Why a private yoga session with Chris Crews may be right for you:

  1. Those new to yoga gain the skills and confidence they need to join a group yoga class.
  2. Experienced yoga students who wish to advance their skills, explore certain postures or focus their attention on certain aspects of asana.
  3. Private instruction decreases your risk of injury. The instructor’s focus is on you and your body. They can make subtle adjustments tuned to you. Physical limitations that require personalized attention are better suited to private instruction where the focus is solely on you.
  4. Working toward a personal goal is easier in a private format. 
  5. It can be easier to develop a personalized plan for your home practice with an instructor who can design a personal plan tuned to your needs.
  6. Private or semi-private classes are also a powerful and creative way to celebrate a milestone event, such as a wedding, graduation or birthday.

Rate: $75 per hour 

Contact Chris Crews to schedule your session: